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Arttu was founded in Portugal in 2018 by co-founders Julia Cohen and Bruno Lima. But the story started well before when Julia sought get his tenth tattoo and Bruno wanted to get his first one. Without references or directions, they started looking for a tattoo artist and they found that it was a much more difficult task than they thought.

They got so involved in this quest that they dedicated themselves to talking with tattoo artists from around the world to understand the main problems they faced. They studied hard and made a decision: They needed to do something to innovate and transform this market!

Thus, Arttu was created to facilitate the process of purchasing tattoos and wants to become a reference in this industry. We seek add convenience and flexibility to our customers providing quality references and simplifying the process to make your tattoo. For tattoo artists, Arttu aims to facilitate and optimize day-to-day management with a platform and has as its main objective, to deliver the opportunity to dedicate themselves exclusively to their main focus, which is to be an artist.

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Julia Cohen - CEO

Julia Cohen


Bruno Lima - COO

Bruno Lima



PCI - Creative Science Park
Avenida 25 de Abril 3830-044 Ílhavo, Portugal


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